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Religious Education


While children are welcome to remain in the service with their parents, we offer Religious Education for all ages. We have a nursery for children ages 4 and younger with a regular nursery worker who is with the children each week. Miss Kayla is great with the children and spends her time away from church working full-time at a day care.


We have Kids' Class for children ages 5-11 and Youth Class for those who are 12-17. Fellowship volunteers rotate teaching these classes, allowing for teachers to remain a regular part of fellowship activities and for children to get to know and bond with more of our adults.


While our Religious Education volunteers design and teach some of our lessons, we pull much of what we share with the children from the Unitarian Universalist Association's educational resources. They have a program called Tapestry of Faith that is a wonderful resource with brilliantly designed lessons.


In addition to classes each week, we schedule regular All Fellowship Days, where we have special services of which the children remain a part. These include special celebrations, our annual Water Ceremony, musical services and more. We try to create ways for our younger attendees to feel a part of the larger fellowship community.

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